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Statistics tell us that millions of American workers are injured every year on the job. Depending on the circumstance, the person involved can be compensated through the efforts of our Los Angeles  work injury attorney team, Workmen’s Compensation or a combination of both. Here at The LA OC Lawyers Group, we fight for you and your rights and our glowing customer testimonials are proof of our dedication. We have a team of professional lawyers that understand all the nuances behind the relevant law covering injuries sustained at the workplace. We are ready, willing and able to make sure that you get fair treatment and the compensation you deserve.

Common Workplace Injuries

We don’t discriminate and when we say that we will tackle cases involving any one of the most common workplace injuries to make sure you get the compensation you deserve, we mean it.

For example, research tells us that training in the proper safety equipment is necessary to lower the numbers of people who are seriously injured at work. However, we still see overexertion injuries as one of the leaders in that dubious top 10 category.

Proper Safety Equipment

Pushing, holding, lifting and carrying are just some of the activities that cause American workers to injure themselves, especially when the proper safety equipment like scaffolding isn’t in place.

The LA OC Lawyers Group understands the problems associated with repetitive motion injuries as well. Remember, here at The LA OC Lawyers Group we have a team of professional lawyers on staff with years of experience practicing in the area of personal injury law. That makes us the right choice to look after your needs when you’re looking for experience in an Orange County (OC) work injury attorney. These repetitive motion injuries are not always the most obvious but they can be the most damaging in the long run. They can lead to more serious forms of injury like entanglement where shoes, fingers and clothing can become caught up in a machine when there is no protective equipment provided.

Taking a few minutes to look at our customer testimonials. They should help you to realize we understand how to look after your rights when you’ve been injured at work. Our job is to help you regain your financial footing after one of these injuries so you can concentrate on healing. Why not get in touch with us today and connect through our website or social media channels? If you submit your case through our convenient online tab, a member of our staff will get back to you shortly.