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The LA OC Lawyers Group are there when you need an Uber/Lyft Accident Attorney in Orange County & Los Angeles . If you have been involved in an accident involving Uber/Lyft, you should get in touch with our experienced team. We understand all of the laws involved.

We have handled literally hundreds of these types of claims in Orange County & Los Angeles. Our priority is  making sure that you get the compensation you deserve for the suffering and pain you’ve gone through.

There are some common issues around the insurance coverage. For example if the driver is not logged in to the particular app, your claims need to be covered by your personal auto insurance.

Waiting to Pick Up A Customer

If the driver is online and waiting to pick up a customer when the accident occurs, both companies offer some liability coverage. In another scenario where the driver has accepted a fare, and is on the way to pick it up, both companies offer $1 million in liability, uninsured and underinsured coverage.

Another scenario occurs when the driver has picked up a customer and is driving to the destination. The same liability insurance applies, but collision coverage depends on the driver’s personal insurance policy.

We Are The Uber/Lyft Accident Attorney in Orange County & Los Angeles Team With The Right Information.

The LA OC Lawyers Group understands that injuries and accidents can happen anywhere at any time to anyone. With an auto accident that involves Uber/Lyft, we understand that claims can get complicated. That can be based on the circumstances surrounding the accident and how fault has been determined.

The LA OC Lawyers Group receives a lot of questions from people regarding ridesharing accidents. We have made it a priority to handle this relatively new legal branch.

For example, we tell our clients there are certain requirements for becoming an Uber driver. They need to be 21 years old and have at least one year behind them is a licensed driver with a valid US driver’s license. What’s more, they need to be able to drive a four-door vehicle.

Same Requirements

Lyft has all of the same requirements. Plus, they require a background and DMV check.

Drivers for both companies need to have both company and personal insurance coverage. If there is an accident and you are a passenger, the driver’s insurance through Lyft or Uber should cover any damages 

Remember, our Uber/Lyft Accident Attorney in Orange County  & Los Angeles team will stand by you to get a settlement for any injuries.