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Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets

LA OC Lawyers Group specializes in winning all Los Angeles & Orange County traffic tickets. We fight all traffic tickets in Los Angeles & Orange County including speeding tickets with radar or laser, stop sign tickets, red light tickets, reckless driving tickets, and all other traffic ticket violations with a 80% success rate. Let us handle your traffic ticket for you: No court required, NO insurance hikes, NO points, NO driving school, NO Big Fines, NO Court Fees! You end up saving time and money by using LA OC Lawyers Group!

5 Reasons You Should Never Pay Another Traffic Ticket:

  • Paying a traffic ticket is the same as pleading guilty to the offense. This automatically leads to losing the case, which could result in accumulating points, increased insurance rates, and even license suspension if you get 4 points in 12 months. Fortunately, we specialize in managing ALL California Traffic Tickets, so you don’t have to face the consequences alone.
  • Insurance Premiums skyrocket when you pay your traffic tickets. We have seen insurance rates double or triple for some clients. Even a small speeding ticket in California can raise your car insurance rates and the insurance companies will see the points on your driver’s license when it comes time for renewal by checking your driving record.
  • Points automatically appear on your driver’s license if you pay your traffic tickets, and the DMV can suspend your license when you accumulate points! Points stay on your record and DO NOT go away every year. The DMV can see points on your license from 3 years ago as well as any points you have in any US State.
  • LA OC Lawyers Group can fight and win your traffic tickets with excellent results. We have successfully won over 50,000 cases using our successful legal strategies. We now serve all of California.
  • You save time by not having to come to court. LA OC Lawyers Group will handle everything and there will be no need for you to take a day off work or waste your time in court. We make it as simple and easy as possible for our clients saving you time & money.

Get Your Ticket Dismissed...

Our Lawyers Win 80% of Traffic Tickets!

  • Save Time With No Court Or Traffic School
  • Save Money On Fines & Insurance Hikes
  • Save DMV Points On Your Driving Record
  • Save Your License From Driving Suspension

Why It Is Important To Keep A Clean Driving Record in California

Your driving record is one of the most valuable documents on file in the state of California. In Los Angeles County this is a public document and can be retrieved by anyone, as long as they provide an adequate reason of a justifiable need to view the driving record. In California most employers will use driving records as part of the screening process upon hiring. One of many reasons why it’s important to keep a clean driving record. Violations can affect you as a driver and your driving record in a number of ways for a number of years. Substantial amounts in fines, license suspensions, speeding violations, added points, court hearings; these are some of the disadvantages you will be looking at facing. Call us for help fighting any Orange County traffic tickets.