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Why You Shouldn’t Represent Yourself For Speeding Tickets In Los Angeles

We understand how tempting it is but it’s not a good idea to represent yourself when you’re trying to defend against speeding tickets in Los Angeles. The LA OC Lawyers Group has years of experience in looking after this kind of issue for a variety of different clients in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We feel very strongly that once you understand what you’re up against when you’re trying to represent yourself, you’ll see how you stand a much better chance of success by using our services.
For example, people looking to defend themselves:

  • Need to question the police officer that ticketed you. It’s a good idea to keep in mind these are professionals and they hand out tickets every day of their careers so they know exactly what constitutes a violation and what doesn’t. Without using professional services, you don’t stand a very good chance of understanding what questions to ask and how to proceed against a police officer who answers questions in trial settings as part of their job.
  • Presenting evidence can be another problem if you’re inexperienced in the way of the court. Laying out your case means that you’ll need to present your evidence in a logical and sequential way that adheres to courtroom procedure and legal qualifications. If you’re like most people, your expertise lies in a different field and you’re more than likely to make some critical mistakes when presenting evidence under these circumstances.
  • Fighting speeding tickets in Los Angeles also means that you’ll need to call witnesses. Many people don’t take into account that even if other folks see you being ticketed, getting them to come to court and testify on your behalf means that they’ll need to take time away from their own lives and routines, quite often for someone they don’t know very well. Once again, it takes the weight off your shoulders if you hire our attorneys who understand all the different parameters of the best strengths and weaknesses of each individual case.

Finally, if you decide to represent yourself against speeding tickets in Los Angeles you’ll need to argue the law to be successful. When you add these factors together, you’ll more than likely see that our experienced attorneys stand a much better chance of getting you the results you want.


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