LA OC Lawyers Group

Southern California Real Estate Law Attorney

The LA OC Lawyers Group offers real estate law attorney in Orange County & Los Angeles services. To provide our clients with these , we have implemented a team approach taking advantage of the thorough experience of our attorneys in this particular area.

This method enables us to provide comprehensive real estate law services that are collaborative.

We have several areas of expertise that include common real estate issues such as:

  • Boundary and title action representation.
  • Broker and real estate agent representation.
  • Failure to disclose and construction defects claims.
  • Sale and purchase disputes and title actions.
  • A host of others.

The LA OC Lawyers Group  provides legal services that incorporate an aggressive approach so you can receive the proper amount of compensation and/or representation.

Remember that when you are looking to purchase any kind of real estate, you’ll need to have a Purchase and Sale agreement drawn up. Brokers can help you with certain conditions and terms contained in one of these documents. However, our team of attorneys can provide recommendations and revisions to the final agreement.

A Real Estate Law Attorney in Orange County & Los Angeles Handling Commercial and Residential Concerns

Other clients might be looking to have a commercial or residential lease drafted and negotiated. We can help landlords and or tenants in this area. The LA OC Lawyers Group  has helped many business owners, tenants and landlords negotiate these important documents. We work side-by-side with each one of our clients starting with the original draft and finishing up with a final execution.

Landlord-Tenant Problems

There are many different types of landlord-tenant problems that can crop up during a tenancy. Rodent and pest infestations as well as smoke inhalation are just a few. Our team has years of experience representing tenants who live in affected dwellings. Certain steps need to be taken to go through the legal process successfully. We can help you get started with a the free consultation to discuss your different options.

We have experience as property owners and real estate attorneys. The real estate market sees a fair amount of short sales of  property, deeds- in-lieu of foreclosure and foreclosures. These are the result of  property values that are falling and tightening credit lending practices. You’ll need a  Real Estate Law Attorney in Orange County  & Los Angeles  that can represent your interests in a professional manner.