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Some Prevention Ideas From Your Orange County Truck Accident Attorney

One of the sad realities of traveling on the nation’s roads and highways is the fact that many of the accidents that happen there can be prevented.
We are the truck accident attorney in Orange County that has represented many people who had their lives changed by these accidents. Although we were always more than willing and able to represent people to help them get the money you need to put their lives back in order, we want to share a few ideas on preventing some of these mishaps in the first place.
Before we present this list, why not take a few minutes to look over the current client testimonials that we have on our website? The people who have shared their experiences with us are clients just like you who have found the kind of compensation they deserve when someone else’s negligence has altered their lives.
That said, here are a few ways to prevent an accident between a car and a truck.
If you are an experienced driver you understand that you need to make allowances for road conditions. This is especially true when you’re traveling on a highway frequented by trucks. Allowing these larger vehicles 4 to 6 seconds of space when the weather is bad makes everyone safer.

  • Being aware can save serious accidents between cars and trucks. It’s always a good idea if you are following a larger vehicle in your car to be aware of the turn signals on the truck and when they are flashing. Keep in mind that the trucker can only see you in their mirrors if you can see the mirrors when traveling behind the truck.
  • Keep in mind that we are always here to represent you as your Orange County truck accident attorney. However, we encourage all of our clients to stay safe and avoid cutting in front of a large truck on the highway because they have a longer stopping distance than your car.

Here at The LA OC Lawyers Group, we have a team of experienced lawyers always at the ready to represent anyone who feels the accident they’ve been involved in is due to somebody else’s negligence. It’s a good idea to wait until the entire cab of the truck that you are passing is completely in your rear view mirror before you change lanes and pull in front of the vehicle.

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