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An Overview of Speeding Tickets in Orange County and Additional Costs

Our valued clients are always asking us to give an overview of speeding tickets in Orange County. They want to know generally what these tickets can cost and what the consequences are for getting caught speeding. Here’s just a few of the factors you’ll need to look at when you have been caught with this type of traffic infraction.
Although it might vary from area to area, the chances are you could be charged a surcharge on your speeding ticket. In the state of California, that generally means you’ll have to pay an additional 20% on any of the speeding tickets that you get including those in Orange County.
Of course, there might be a list of additional fees because each county knows that speeding tickets are a great way to increase government revenues. If you check with us specifically, we will be able to pinpoint any further charges for speeding tickets in Orange County but usually the added costs can involve things like:

  • an emergency medical services penalty assessment where applicable.
  • a county penalty assessment on top of the penalty you pay statewide.
  • a DNA identification fund penalty assessment fee.

Those are just a few of the extra costs you can find yourself paying if you don’t have the right kind of legal representation. You need to keep in mind that depending on the severity of the infraction, you might even have points added to your California driving record and your insurance could go up as a result.
One of the more long-lasting penalties has to do with the points being added to your driving record. For most kinds of moving violations including speeding tickets in Orange County, the severity of each individual case determines how long these points remain on your driving record.
In many cases, one point is assigned to each speeding violation you have, but it’s always a good idea to make sure that you consult with our legal professionals because each and every case is different. Generally, the Department of Motor Vehicles in California will suspend your license after you’ve accumulated up to four points. It’s in your best interest to get in touch with us at The LA OC Lawyers Group. We can represent you and make sure that you get the best possible outcome when you’re fighting speeding tickets in Orange County. Remember, we have a team of expert attorneys who understand all the nuances about having your ticket dismissed or at least the severity of it mitigated.



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