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Your Orange County Traffic Ticket Attorney Supplies Distracted Free Driving Tips

You might think that distracted driving is all about using your handheld device. However, the term refers to anything that takes your attention away from the road. As your Orange County traffic ticket attorney, we want you to be safe while you are motoring down the nation’s highways and byways.

That’s why we’ve supplied some distracted driving tips.


Plan to take breaks

It’s easier to give all your attention to the road when you are alert and wide-awake. If you’re planning a vacation with your family or a business trip, planning to take breaks along the way is a good way to store up your energy and recharge your batteries.
Taking the time to stretch your legs and grabbing some food also gives you an opportunity to check your emails and voicemail. A little rest also gives you time to clear your thoughts and refocus for the trip ahead.

Make sure your vehicle is clean

As your Orange County traffic ticket attorney, we can tell you that swerving within a lane is often the result of distracted driving. Making sure your vehicle is clean at all times can make a big difference. Dirty windows and something rolling around under your feet on the driver’s side can lead to the kind of mishaps that result in tickets.

Stay calm

Distracted driving isn’t always about your smart phone either. Quite often people get behind the wheel when they are angry or sad and ignore the rules of the road. If you’re in an emotional state, it’s best to leave the driving to a friend or relative or at least wait until you calm down before getting behind the wheel.

Plan your route

Taking a little extra time to plan the route you’re going to take helps you to avoid getting anxious and distracted behind the wheel. As your Orange County traffic ticket attorney, we want to remind you about the harsh consequences of distracted driving.
Planning your trip also means making sure that every member of your family is buckled in before you start out.
Not only can you get convicted of an offense that can affect your driving record and insurance rate, you can seriously hurt yourself or someone else. That’s why we recommend you memorize these distracted driving tips and always pay attention to the road in front of you.