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Orange County Speeding Tickets Are One Thing. Driving In Iceland Is Another!!

Even though you might have just received one of the many Orange County speeding tickets that are handed out every day, you can look on the bright side because the roads and highways here in America are a lot different than in other parts of the world.
We decided to take a look around at what goes on in different countries and landed up studying the road conditions in Iceland – a country with a climate as different as possible to that of California.
That said, here’s a few driving tips we were able to uncover if you ever find yourself in Iceland.

You might not need four wheel drive

If you decide to travel to Iceland one of the first things you’ll need to be aware of is one major highway circles the entire country and it’s usually passable. If you go to the local car rental shop, the chances are they will tell you you need a four-wheel-drive even though what’s called the Ring Road is well-maintained and circles the entire country like the equator. Driving isn’t bad if you decide to travel to that exotic land during the summer months, but even in the winter the roads are well-maintained and generally you can drive on them without too much trouble.

Understand the laws

 Of course that applies when you’re here at home in the United States and you just got one of several Orange County traffic tickets. The LA OC Lawyers Group is always there to give you the kind of representation you need. Although we can’t be there for you when you go to Iceland, we can tell you from our research that an American driver’s license is valid in that country.
There are some other laws in Iceland that are very similar to the ones we have here in the United States. For example, there is no texting while driving anywhere in the country and you need to have your headlights on at all times. As well, it’s important to wear your seatbelts.
Because the country has a lot of gravel roads, it’s a good idea to take the optional insurance the car-rental places offer to cover you for any damage. Finally, you need to keep in mind there are many single bridges in this country and you need to yield the right-of-way to cars if you see one that’s about to cross coming from the opposite direction.
Having a nice vacation in Iceland can help you to forget about any Orange County traffic tickets that you have here at home, but when you return will be here to help you and represent you in court.


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