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Because we’re the Orange County auto injury attorney that prides itself on doing a complete and thorough job to get you the compensation you deserve,  the LA OC lawyers group does quite a bit of research.
Here’s some of the interesting things that’s we’ve found out about strange traffic laws from around the world.
Did you know that?

  • There is a law that says you have to wear a shirt while driving in Thailand? While that might be a good common sense idea, we aren’t sure that it should be written on the books as a law. In fact, as your Orange County auto injury attorney, we’re more concerned with those auto accidents that cause personal injury.
  • Closer to home in Halifax, Canada, a newspaper reports that taxicab drivers need to wear a shirt with long sleeves and proper trousers just to get a job.
  • Here’s an another unusual law that we found. It seems that in Kentucky wearing a swimsuit while driving is fine as long as a woman carries a weapon for protection or has at least two police officers accompanying her. Of course that comes from a newspaper called the Daily Mail and were not really sure if that one is true although it’s interesting to read!
  • That same newspaper reports that in Germany you’re allowed to drive wearing nothing at all since that country considers your vehicle a private space

We are in the business of making sure you get the right representation when someone’s negligence has altered the course of your life and caused personal injury. Our team of excellent and well-qualified legal representatives are compassionate and caring as well as efficient.
Here’s a few other strange driving laws from around the world that you might find interesting. Back in Germany, there is another law that says you might lose your insurance if you drive barefoot and get into an accident. Even our Orange County auto injury attorney specialists might not be able to help you with that one!
Finally, here’s another interesting tidbit from Europe. It seems that if you wear prescription glasses to drive in Spain you need to have an extra pair with you behind the wheel at all times.
However, you should be aware that if you need an Orange County auto injury attorney in this country, we are your number one choice. Getting in touch with us is easy and you’ll always find our responses courteous and prompt.

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