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Los Angeles Speeding Tickets, Reckless Driving and Safety Laws

There are many consequences of reckless driving. You can injure yourself or even kill someone. Even getting a series of Los Angeles speeding tickets can wind up with you facing several penalties including:

  • Fines that could actually cost you more than you might realize.  The money that you need to pay if you’re convicted of an offense as serious as reckless driving could cost you upwards of one thousand dollars.
  • Demerit penalties. For something as severe as reckless driving, usually two demerit points are added to your license. These points can stay on your record for various lengths of time depending on how severe the offense was.

Understanding the driving safety laws in California is invaluable to avoiding reckless driving and the kind of Los Angeles speeding tickets that can result in higher insurance premiums.

  • As far as using your cell phone and driving, California has taken on some strict laws to keep our roads safe. As it stands now, no driver in the state is allowed to read or write text messages while they are driving.
  • The state also has laws that pertain to window tinting in passenger vehicles. The guidelines restrict how much light is allowed to be reflected off the surface of the tinting. As well they restrict the amount of window tint to a shade that’s translucent.

Here at The LA OC Lawyers Group, we are here to defend you if you’ve got a reckless driving charge or Los Angeles speeding tickets. Our expert lawyer team is well-versed in all the proper statutes. We are dedicated and professional and committed to either reducing or eliminating any permanent marks on your record and fines.
In California there are also specific laws about children and pets being left unattended  in vehicles. It is illegal to leave the child under the age of six years old by themselves in a car unless they are in the presence of another child at least 12 years old. Pets cannot be left in a car that presents a danger to their safety due to rising heat.
Here at The LA OC Lawyers Group, we feel it’s important for each and every one of our clients to understand their responsibility as a driver in California. Where Los Angeles speeding tickets are concerned, we are happy to represent you.