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All About Those Los Angeles Demerit Points

One of the things that every driver wants to avoid is demerit points on their license. You need to remember that if you get pulled over by a police officer in California there will be  at least one point for a moving violation. Here at the LA OC Lawyers Group, we are the professionals at helping you fight these cases in court so that you don’t have any marks on your driver’s license.
However, you should be aware that there is a system in place. If you get enough points added to your driver’s license you can actually wind up having it suspended. For example, if you get four points in one year, or six points in two years, or any number of those points in three years, you can have your license is suspended.

Legal representation

Keep in mind that we are always here with trustworthy and credible  legal representation that you can use to fight these charges. It’s also important to remember that non-moving violations like broken tail lights do not add any Los Angeles demerit points to your license.
Drivers in California also need to be aware of how long these demerit points stay. For example for some offenses you’ll have the marks on your driver’s license for up to three years. For more serious offenses, they can stay for a decade.

Moving violation help

If you run into some issues with moving violations, we can help here at The LA OC Lawyers Group. Our legal professionals have the experience and compassion to treat each and every one of our clients with respect and dignity.
We can also help by passing along some driving trips that you can use to avoid being pulled over by the police. Remember that speeding doesn’t get you to your destination any faster. People who change lanes often don’t get to where they need to be quicker either. The slow and steady approach is often the best way to get from one point to another.


Being proactive is another way to avoid getting Los Angeles demerit points. Experts also suggest that you scan the road ahead of you for 12 to 15 seconds so you can see any problems coming. If you are driving on the highway, this lead time should increase to 20 to 30 seconds.
Here are a few more tips that you should follow. Moving your eyes around and glancing from side to side every two seconds is a good idea. It’s always a good idea to leave two car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you on city streets.

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