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A Los Angeles Accident Liability Primer

One of the most important aspects of your personal injury case after a car accident is proving who is at fault. If the other person has at-fault insurance, they are generally responsible for paying any damages.
Understanding your rights is part of what we do here at The LA OC lawyers group. Here are a few critical things that you’ll need to know about Los Angeles accident liability after a car accident.

Rear end collisions

Usually the person that hits you from behind is at fault with a few notable exceptions. For example, if your turn signals or brake lights are out you might be held liable.

Left turns 

Did you know that when you are driving straight and another driver heading in the opposite direction makes a left turn and causes an accident, it’s almost always the other driver’s fault? Of course there are a few exceptions here like instances where you are speeding or you drive right through a red light.
Here at The LA OC Lawyers Group we have a team of professionals on hand. They are always ready to represent you if you decide to fight any kind of Los Angeles traffic ticket. We practice a variety of different types of law including business and criminal law . Because we have a wide scope of expertise, our lawyers are always at the ready to give you excellent choices for your defence.


It is illegal to drive a motorized vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol in every state in America. There are a variety of different punishments for this offense including being held criminally responsible for death or injury.
Here’s another tip that you might find useful. If you are at fault for any kind of car accident, you have the option of paying for the repairs out of pocket rather than filing an insurance claim. It’s always a good idea to check with your insurance company and their policies before you repair your vehicle.

Los Angeles accident liability lawyers

As far as fighting traffic tickets is concerned, we have you covered here at The LA OC Lawyers Group. We also have a thriving Los Angeles personal injury practice because it’s in our best interest to serve a variety of different client needs.
Getting in touch with us is easy. You can even submit your case online and get a prompt response from one of our staff quickly.

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