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A List Of Home/Business Accidents From Your Orange County Slip And Fall Attorney

The LA OC Lawyers Group is always available to represent you when your accident or injury has been the result of someone else’s negligence. One of the bigger areas of our practice deals with accidents in and around the home.
Following are a list of the most common home accidents. Keep in mind that as you age you need to take extra precautions to make sure none of these misfortunes happen to you. However, if you have an accident in someone else’s house or in a business and you think that person has been negligent, you should contact us right away.


This particular kind of accident is at the top of the list for a very good reason. Statistics tell us that more than one third of accidents that happen in any kind of building are the result of someone falling. Sometimes, this means a liquid has been left in a public walkway and a person can be held responsible. If you’ve had one of these accidents and aren’t sure what to do, you should contact us at The LA OC Lawyers Group.
Skidding and or stumbling also counts as a fall because you can jar your body and affect the rest of your life in a worst-case scenario.

 Fires and Our Orange County Slip and Fall Attorney

It’s important to understand that electronic equipment needs to be able to cool down. That means it should be kept a safe distance from walls. Overloaded electrical circuits are another prime candidate for the kind of fire that can cause personal injury.
When any kind of fire at home or the office happens as a result of someone’s negligence, we can help.  Contacting us at The LA OC Lawyers Group is easy. We have a form online that you can use to submit your case. As well, there’s an Uber button on our website so you can get a ride to our offices in a convenient and quick manner.
There are a few things that you can do in a small business to make sure the environment is safer.
First off, you shouldn’t plug in any electrical devices like kettles at your desk. If there are a number of items that need to be plugged in any given workstation, it’s a good idea to make sure there is a disrupted work supply or surge bar involved so any electrical interruptions can be handled properly.
Remember, our Orange County slip and fall attorney services are always ready to serve you.

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