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Here’s Some Scenarios From Your Orange County Work Injury Attorney

The LA OC Lawyers Group is dedicated to representing each and every one of our valued clients and bringing to bear our considerable legally experience for each one. We are a full-service personal injury law firm and we specialize in a variety of areas as your expert work injury attorney in Orange County too.
We want our clients to have all the information they need and that’s why we’ve put together a list of common workplace hazards that you might want to pin to a bulletin board or refrigerator in the lunchroom.

  • There are a variety of hazards that can cause slips, falls, and even trips in the workplace and result in legal action. For example, a cord running across the floor for even a minute as someone uses a drill or other piece of power equipment can create a danger. Any kind of spilled liquid that isn’t cleaned up immediately or even ice around the outside of the building can create a serious hazard for workers and visitors both.
  • There are a variety of things that can cause people to fall through negligence as well. As an Orange County work injury attorney that has been in business for years defending people who had their lives altered by hazards caused by raised work areas, we understand some of the precautions that get missed or ignored. Incorrectly placed ladders and hastily put up scaffolding are quite often dangers to the workers who need to use them. If you think your workplace has one of these hazards and someone has been injured, it’s in your best interest to get in touch with us today.
  • Machinery needs to have the proper safety guards and protective equipment around it at all times. Too often companies cut corners in this important area and it can cost workers serious injury and sometimes even their lives.

The LA OC Lawyers Group also understands there can be a variety of different electrical hazards like frayed cords in the workplace. As your Orange County work injury attorney, we are dedicated to making sure that you get the compensation you deserve if your employer has been negligent in any of these areas and you’ve been injured. Getting in touch with us is as easy as going to our website and following the prompts.

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