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Here’s A List Of Common Accidents From Our Orange County Accident Injury Attorney

The LA OC Lawyers Group wants everyone reading our blog to be as well informed as possible. That means we are always interested in representing you if you’ve had an accident and need compensation. However, we thought we’d like to provide a list of common accidents and injuries in the hopes that you might be able to avoid some of them anyway.


Because these are one of the more common injuries that we come across as your Orange County accident injury attorney team, we want to point out that there are two different kinds.
Direct force fractures occur at the direct point of contact. For example, if someone kicks the shin and the bone breaks, this is called the direct force fracture.
An indirect force fracture, like the name implies, occurs at a point other than where the initial impact happens.


In many cases falling from a higher level to a loyal lower-level in the workplace is the result of someone’s negligence. One of the legalities that we look for when someone comes to us after suffering one of these injuries is whether the area was properly maintained by the employer and free of hazards.
Proving liability is one of the areas that we take on as your Orange County accident injury attorney. By coming in for an initial consultation with us, we will be able to tell if there is cause to move forward with your case. It’s important to prove that the person being accused of negligence knew that the area was unsafe and did nothing about it.
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Repetitive motion

When it comes to injuries in the workplace, we see quite a bit of repetitive motion injuries as well. Falling debris that strikes a worker is another common accident. If you’ve been involved in any accident whether it is a common one listed here are not, we can help you by being your legal representation.
Getting in touch with our team of legal professionals is easy. Keep in mind that we are the Orange County accident injury attorney team that will fight for your rights to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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