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Five Things You Need To Do After Los Angeles Slip And Fall Accidents

Millions of people suffer Los Angeles slip and fall accidents every year. Here at The LA OC Lawyer’s Group, we are dedicated to making sure you get all the information you need after one of these accidents. That said, here’s five things you need to do right away to cover your rights.

Get help

It’s important to keep in mind that you might feel fine after one of these accidents. However, you should get checked out by a doctor soon as possible. Sometimes there are underlying injuries that don’t show up for days after a slip and fall.

Tell the right people

Legally, you’ll need to notify the person who owns the property that you had a mishap right away. If your accident happens while you’re on the job, an accident report needs to be filled out right away. Likewise if you’re just visiting a place of business. Otherwise you’ll need to notify the landlord or owner of the property.

Put some evidence together

If you think someone else is responsible for your Los Angeles slip and fall accidents, it’s only natural that you want compensation. One of the first things that you should do is get any witness contact information for later use. Taking photos from the scene of the accident can come in helpful later. Don’t forget any doctor’s bills as well as diagnosis and records of treatments.

Call a lawyer

Finding the right slip and fall lawyer is a big step. Not only will you want to find a practitioner with experience, you’ll also need to have some kind of personal connection. Keep in mind that having a lawyer work on your case provides you with the best chance of success. Contacting us at The LA OC Lawyer’s Group is an excellent first step.

Document some more

After you have a lawyer on your team, you’ll still need to document information that will help you with the legal process. Until your situation is finally concluded, you should be keeping all medical expenses, bills and any documents that detail your progress.

 Experts at Los Angeles slip and fall accidents

Here at The LA OC Lawyer’s Group we have dedicated professionals on staff ready to help you. Why not take a few minutes to check out the client testimonials on our website? Then contact us through the handy form there so we can start putting together a case that will get you the compensation you deserve.

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