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Five Reasons Why You Can Face A Los Angeles Driver’s License Suspension

Having your driver’s license suspended means just what it sounds like. You’ve been convicted of an offense and lost the privilege of driving on a temporary basis. The department of motor vehicles in California and federal or state courts can impose this sanction. Here are five reasons why your license can be suspended.

You don’t show up to court

If you don’t show up on your assigned court date, you can face an automatic Los Angeles driver’s license suspension. Although we are experts here at the LA OC Lawyers Group, it’s impossible for us to help you unless you do your part. If you receive a traffic ticket and don’t show up to court, you can face a suspension that will last until you do.

Driving when you’ve been declared unfit

If you’ve been declared mentally or physically unfit to drive and are caught behind the wheel, your license will be suspended. The laws in California are designed to make sure that everyone is safe on our roads. You can work through the process that has declared you unfit. However, you need to stay within the parameters of that law and off the roads that sanction has been lifted.

You don’t pay a fine

If you missed a court date and didn’t pay the resulting fine, you can face a Los Angeles driver’s license suspension. It will be reinstated after you’ve cleared that up. Here at The LA OC Lawyers Group we are always happy to consult with our clients so they know the best path forward.

No car insurance

 Your driving privileges can also be suspended if you can’t prove your car is insured. The Department of Motor Vehicles wants to be sure that everyone is responsible on the state’s roads. Having proper insurance is a big part of being a responsible member of the community.

Not paying your child support

At least one of the reasons why you can lose your license on a temporary basis has nothing to do with the way you drive. If you don’t pay your child support, your license can be suspended in the state of California.
If you find yourself facing a Los Angeles driver’s license suspension, we can help. If you take just a minute to look at the testimonials on our website, you’ll see accolades from the people we’ve helped. We look after a variety of your personal injury services needs as well.

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