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What To Expect From An Orange County DUI Lawyer

There are quite a few things that separate us from the competition when you are looking for an Orange County DUI lawyer. If you’ve been charged with this offence it’s very important that you understand the consequences of a conviction because these can include:

  • A criminal record. Not only will this affect the insurance on your vehicle but could very well curtail your ability to travel to countries outside the United States. As well, having a DUI on your record can affect the kind of job you can get.
  • It’s even possible that you won’t be allowed to drive for anywhere from 1 to 3 years. Your license being taken away can affect the ability to earn a living as well as travel freely and enjoy your life.

Keep in mind that retaining our services as your Orange County DUI lawyer can actually help you stay out of jail if you have numerous offences or a single one that is serious enough. Keep in mind we have the experience in this and several other legal avenues to represent you in a professional and effective manner.
There are several very good reasons why you should choose us to represent you these include:

  • Experience. We have both legal and trial experience and the team of dedicated legal professionals who are committed to making sure you get the very best representation.
  • We have a team approach. We make sure to look at each and every one of your strategic options so that we can come to the best possible plan of attack. Our team of lawyers is one advantage and the tactical approaches they bring to each and every case have a high rate of success.
  • We offer an initial consultation. It is important when you’ve been charged with a drinking and driving offence to get all the information necessary so you can make an informed decision. That starts out with a consultation with a team of expert lawyers like the ones here at the LA OC Lawyers Group.

Keep in mind that when you’ve been charged and need an Orange County DUI lawyer that has the best chance of winning your case, you need to come to us. We have everything you are looking for including a convenient location and a helpful courteous staff who are ready, willing and able to help you.


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