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Don’t Get Caught Misusing Disability Placards: Watch Out For Los Angeles Non-Moving Violations

Some of the infractions you can be charged with are more serious than others. Everyone has seen someone park in those spaces reserved for handicapped people and saunter into a store. Their judgment can cost them. In fact the maximum penalty is a fine of between USD $250 to USD $1000 and up to six months in jail under vehicle code 4461.
Here at the LA OC Lawyers Group, we want our valued clients to understand all the aspects of moving and non-moving violations in Los Angeles.  As far as handicap parking fraud goes, the courts also have the right to impose a civil penalty of up to USD $1,500.

Held Accountable

You can be held accountable if you allow someone who’s not entitled to use the permit. If you display a placard that was not issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles you can be held liable too. If you’re driving someone’s car has a valid permit and you’re not disabled but use it to park in a spot designated for handicapped people, you’ll be charged.

Enforcement operations and Los Angeles non-moving violations

The Department of Motor Vehicles applies enforcement operations when it comes to these disabled permits and abuses. Understanding the other rules of the road is important to avoiding traffic ticket or more serious trouble.

Preventing Accidents

It’s critical, drivers in California never assume other people behind the wheel will give them the right of way. Preventing accidents is the main goal. That’s why if you’re ever in doubt you should always yield the right-of-way to another driver.
Statistics show that a high percentage of accidents are caused by these right-of-way violations. Some of the examples include failing to stop at a stop light and incorrect lane changes.

Safety of pedestrians

The safety of pedestrians and their interactions with motor vehicles on our highways and roads is important. The numbers show that 22% of all the fatalities in California are pedestrians.  If you’re driving a hybrid or electrical vehicle you need to be especially cautious. These cars don’t make the noise that people on foot generally associate with automobiles. That’s why it’s important to make sure you keep a special eye out.
Making eye contact with pedestrians is a good safety practice. Keep in mind that when someone looks at you they are getting ready to cross the road, so it’s a good idea to yield them the right-of-way. Los Angeles non-moving violations are only part of what you need to look out for.

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