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Southern California Dog Bite Attorney

We have a Los Angeles dog bite attorney team at your disposal

The LA OC Lawyers Group wants to be your first choice when you need a Los Angeles dog bite attorney team on your side. Because we are confident in our abilities to represent you, we offer a free initial consultation at no charge. We take great pride in our transparency and will be able to give you an honest opinion of how we can help through our process.

First, we like to get to know you as one of our prospective clients a little better so we’ll sit down and have a discussion about your individual case that will include some of the high points. Of course, we will want to know about your injury in as much detail as you can remember. That information should include where and how it happened as well as how severe it is. By putting this kind of information together, we will be able to help you decide on the best legal options and how to proceed forward.

Each Client

Being an excellent Orange County (OC) dog bite attorney means having a way to ascertain which is the best way to represent each individual client. We understand that no two cases are identical so we take a personalized approach to each and every one that starts out with an initial interview.

It’s very important that we discuss all the details of your unique case and to that end we will be more than happy to come to your home or visit you in the hospital. Of course you’re more than welcome to visit us in our offices as well. The idea is to build a solid foundation for any legal proceedings. The LA OC Lawyers Group is very thorough and prides itself on attention to every detail.

Early Settlement?

An early settlement is always a possibility and that’s why once we have the information gathered, we will consider the option of talking to the other parties involved. Of course some cases can be resolved this way and may need to proceed to the next level.

If we need to follow through with a lawsuit, a Statement of Claim is the next part of the process. The LA OC Lawyers Group is there for each and every part of the stages leading up to and including a trial. Remember, we offer a free consultation so that we can get to know each other and better understand the unique situations surrounding your case.