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Diamond Bar Traffic Tickets and Teenagers

There’s a certain focus on the younger driving population in California when it comes to Diamond bar traffic tickets specifically. At first it might look like some form of discrimination. However, when you consider a large percentage of the traffic accidents in the state are caused by teenage drivers, you’ll see why there needs to be a closer eye kept on these folks.
California has taken steps to make sure these young people become safe drivers as they mature. The provisional state license has several different restrictions placed on teenage drivers including:

  • They may not have anyone under 20 years of age as a passenger.
  • Between 11 PM and 5 AM teenage drivers cannot operate a motor vehicle without somebody over 25 years old in the car with them.

There are some exceptions to this rule including medical emergencies. Here at The LA OC Lawyers Group, we have a variety of different specialties including Diamond Bar traffic tickets for teenagers.
Our team of lawyers is well versed in defending and representing this younger segment of the population. Our job is to work diligently to have the consequences reduced or eliminated when a teenager gets a traffic ticket.
Make no mistake, the consequences can be severe and include:

  • Points that get added to the teenager’s license. Two of these demerit points in a 12 month period can result in restrictions being placed on the driver’s license.
  • A bump in car insurance is almost always one of the consequences.
  • If the offense is severe enough, the teenager can be sentenced to community service or worse.

Teenage drivers are often guilty of several offenses that result in Diamond bar traffic tickets. Speeding is at the top of the list. Often inexperienced drivers are not accustomed to gauging how fast they are going.
Being aware of dangerous situations on any city or country road is important. Teenagers don’t often have the experience to be able to keep their focus where it should be. Distractions like texting are dangerous and they restrict the teenage driver’s ability to do important things like scan the road to locate potential trouble spots.
Teenagers are also risk takers. They often neglect to check their blind spots and don’t use their turn signals effectively. They often fail to keep a proper distance between them and other cars on the road and even neglect to wear their seatbelts.