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Your Diamond Bar Traffic Ticket Attorney Makes Things Clear

There is a high chance of getting a moving violation ticket if you’re a driver in California. If you’ve been pulled over and charged for one of these offenses, you can fight the ticket with a Diamond Bar traffic ticket attorney.
Here’s a few things you should know before you make any decision about what to do.

Your insurance will be affected 

There are drivers who think that getting a red light ticket in California won’t affect your insurance premiums. The truth is if you don’t pay one of these tickets within 30 days, the resulting fine can show up on your driver’s record. When that happens, your insurance company can see the offense and charge you extra.
That’s why at LA OC Lawyers Group we pride ourselves on complete and thorough representation. As your Diamond Bar traffic ticket attorney, we make it our business to represent you with the intention of lessening the charge or having it eliminated altogether.

When you need to hire an attorney

Even the smallest traffic infraction on your driver’s record can cost you money. Experts agree that hiring a traffic ticket attorney can quite often save you cash by reducing the fines and the number of points they get added to your driver’s license.

Reducing the penalties

Reducing the penalties for these infractions is the number one goal. Obviously, when you don’t have to pay hefty amounts in fines, your overall financial situation will be better. However, it’s also important to realize there are other situations to consider. For example, you can have your license suspended and your insurance rates increased dramatically depending on the severity of your offense.
Keep in mind that even if your lawyer is able to get the penalty lessened, there will be some kind of mark on your record.

Your Diamond Bar traffic ticket attorney and traffic school

A good lawyer will be able to find some alternatives. Attending traffic school can help to get demerit points dismissed off your license and even lower your insurance rates. It’s a good idea to take this option when it’s presented to you through your attorney and a judge.
It’s always important to gauge what a Diamond Bar accident attorney will cost. Find out whether your insurance rates will increase with the conviction and weigh that against the lawyer’s fees. Ask yourself whether the fine and subsequent demerit points are less costly. In most cases, you’ll decide on being represented by a lawyer. It’s the best move.