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A Diamond Bar DUI Attorney Can Help With These Consequences

Statistics tell us that DUI is the most common driving offense in the United States. As your Diamond Bar DUI attorney of choice, we can testify to the fact that many decent people have made a bad choice and been convicted of this crime.
Here are just a few of the dire consequences you can suffer from if this happens to you.

Drivers License Issues

A DUI conviction can revoke your driver’s license for several years at a time depending on previous offenses. Losing your freedom to move around in a vehicle is stressful. However, things can be even worse if you have a position that requires you to drive and you lose your job. Without a driver’s license, being able to participate in something as simple as running family errands is compromised.

Criminal background checks

Getting that next job could be an issue if you have a DUI conviction on record. Many employers do criminal background checks and can find that mark against you even years after you’ve made it right with the courts. These background checks are often triggered by housing and college financial aid applications.
Using our services as your Diamond Bar DUI attorney can help lessen these consequences. Here at The LA OC  Lawyers Group, we have a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to representing you in court.

Car insurance

Being considered a high risk driver by your insurance company follows as  a result of one of these convictions. That means that your auto insurance rates will almost certainly go up. It’s possible that your rates could even triple for several years and in some instances insurance companies could terminate the policy completely.
Keep in mind that a Diamond Bar DUI attorney can help with these consequences. Getting convicted of this offense can even affect your life in ways you might not have thought of. For example, your relationships with coworkers and on professional levels can be hampered.
You might even not get the educational opportunities you want. There are colleges and universities in the United States that don’t accept scholarships for people with a DUI conviction.
Keep in mind that a conviction can have a devastating effect on your life for years afterwards. If you found yourself in this position, it’s a good idea to get in touch with us today.