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Cell Phone Tickets In Los Angeles and Some Driving Tips Too

It’s not hard to find someone who has gotten a ticket for using their cell phone while driving in California. It’s important to understand that these appear on your driving record and can even be reported to your insurance company. All that doesn’t even include the price of the ticket which can range from over one hundred to several hundred dollars.
Here at the LA OC Lawyers Group, we specialize in fighting your Los Angeles cell phone tickets and other moving and non-moving offenses. It’s important to us that each of our clients understands how to avoid racking up points on your license and even more serious consequences. That’s why we’ve put together some driving tips that can help you stay safe and avoid the long arm of the law.


Every trip that you plan on taking in your car should start with the circle check. Looking for damaged lights that can be repaired can help you to avoid litigation if you’re in an accident. Not only that, you’ll find anything blocking your path before you get inside.

Plan Ahead

Planning your trip can prevent you from using your cell phone en route and getting a ticket. If you take the time to plan for the best route, there’s less of a chance you’ll get lost and need to use your phone.

Take your time

Slow and steady always gets you to your destination safely. Drivers who constantly change lanes and speeders rarely get there first.

Avoid distracted driving and cell phone tickets in Los Angeles

Using your cell phone while driving can cause an accident. However, there are other distracted driving practices that are just as dangerous. Gawking at accidents and even changing CDs can cause serious accidents while you are driving. All your attention needs to be on the task at hand.

Use those mirrors

If you’re not texting, the chances are you’re staying safe while driving. You should also be checking your rear view and side view mirrors every 5 to 8 seconds. Don’t hold your gaze in any one mirror too long. Glancing quickly is good enough. Make sure to check for approaching cars when you’re slowing down or before you make a lane change.

Know how to park

If it’s possible, you should always back into parking spaces. The blind spot behind your car is always bigger than the one in front. That’s why it’s safer to pull out forward when you’re leaving a parking spot.
Remember, avoiding cell phone tickets in Los Angeles is a priority.

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