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The LA OC Lawyers Group is there when you need an Orange County brain injury attorney that is dedicated to making sure you get the compensation that’s owed to you. Our first priority is supplying each and every client with quality legal representation and to that end we use a team approach. That way you’ll be sure to work with the lawyer who has in-depth experience when it comes to brain injuries from accidents and other kinds of mishaps. We understand that there is no other injury that can be more potentially devastating and complicated and that’s why we will stand by your side.

Compensation, Rehabilitation and Support

We stand with the families of those affected too and understand that someone who has survived a serious brain injury is entitled to the very best in compensation, rehabilitation and support. The LA OC Lawyers Group has a team that will guide you at every step as we work through the process together. Our commitment is to making sure your case gets managed promptly and effectively with the best resolution possible.

These injuries occur when some external mechanical force causes a dysfunction to the brain. It is usually the result of some kind of blunt force trauma to the head or something actually penetrating the skull. In the most severe kind of brain injury, damaged and/or torn tissues can result in severe complications and sometimes even death.

Claims and Rights

If you or a member of your family has been injured this way through an automobile accident or some other kind of mishap, having a Los Angeles brain injury attorney working for you is the best way to get the compensation you deserve. Our goal is always to protect your claims and rights and to that end we offer a free consultation to get our relationship started on the right foot. Keep in mind that we are always available for night and weekend appointments and there are no fees unless you are compensated.

There are both physical and psychological effects to a brain injury that you should be aware of. In adults, these can include dizziness and a headache in the more mild cases. A severe brain injury can see the victim lose consciousness for several minutes or even hours and the loss of coordination. Children’s symptoms can include a change in their eating routines and nursing habits.

The LA OC Lawyers Group is the caring and compassionate local Orange County brain injury attorney team that wants to be sure you get compensated fairly.