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Avoid Los Angeles Traffic Tickets With These Safe Driving Tips

Here at The LA OC Lawyers Group, we want to be your representation when you find yourself on the receiving end of Los Angeles traffic tickets. However, that doesn’t mean that we want you to go out and drive recklessly. On the contrary, we want our clients to drive safely wherever they go in our state.
That’s why we put together a list of safe driving tips.

Don’t drink and drive

Statistics tell us that more than 30% of fatal driving accidents in the United States involve alcohol. Research also says that even at low levels, alcohol impairs the driver’s ability to coordinate and react properly while they are behind the wheel.
Avoiding this often fatal situation is about making plans before you go out for an evening. Having a designated driver is a great idea or phone a cab when you’re ready to leave all the fun behind and head for home.

Don’t race

Have you ever noticed how you meet the people who pass you on a city street again at a stoplight? Not only can you avoid Los Angeles traffic tickets by driving within the speed limit, everyone stays safe behind the wheel. However, we know that no one’s perfect and you might get a heavy foot at the wrong time.
When that happens, we want you to keep in mind that we have years of experience representing people just like you.

Stay Alert

 Being alert behind the wheel is critical. Research tells us that 20% of vehicle accidents in the United States are caused by drowsy drivers. Even if you nod off for just a second or two, your car can veer off the road into oncoming traffic or a utility pole or guardrail.
Getting a good night’s sleep is often the solution. Most experts recommend the average person needs about eight hours of continuous sleep to be alert the next day.

Wear your belt

 If you wear your seatbelt properly, you can prevent yourself from being thrown through the windshield or out of the vehicle during an accident. Unfortunately, the number of fatalities for people who aren’t wearing seatbelts during accidents is higher among young people.  In fact, 70% of fatalities between the ages of 13 and 17 weren’t wearing these simple devices according to recent NHTSA statistics.
Finally, remember that if you get any Los Angeles traffic tickets, we’re here to help.